Los Alamos Historical Society

image The Los Alamos Historical Society preserves, promotes, and communicates the remarkable history and inspiring stories of Los Alamos and its people for our community, for the global audience, and for future generations. We do this through the Los Alamos Historical Museum, the Los Alamos Historical Society Archives and Collection, publications through Bathtub Row Press, ownership and interpretation of historic buildings, educational programs such as our lecture series, and more.
Our vision is to be respected worldwide as the source and repository for the compelling history of Los Alamos and its people from prehistory to contemporary times.
Photo: The upright log construction of The Big House, the dormitory for the Los Alamos Ranch School, inspired John Gaw Meem when he built Fuller Lodge.

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Rare interview with Dorothy McKibbin now online!

The Atomic Heritage Foundation just released a never-before-heard interview with Dorothy Scarritt McKibbin on our "Voices of the Manhattan Project" website. As you know, McKibbin was the "Gatekeeper to Los Alamos" and the first reassuring face fatigued Manhattan Project recruits saw upon arriving in Santa Fe. In her interview, she discusses her first encounter with J. Robert Oppenheimer, which left her mesmerized by his delicate charm. She immediately knew she wanted to work for him.
You may also read their article about her interview and feel free to tell others.

Cider Monday, on December 1, 5–7 p.m. at the Historical Museum

Listen to classical guitar from Pat Burns, relax and browse among great book titles, sip some hot cider, and celebrate the launch of the Los Alamos Historical Society's first ebook.

Fuller Lodge Open House, Saturday, December 6, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Join us for music, dancing, and merriment throughout the day, including, at 10:30 a.m., Curious Chris and "The Science of the Season." Learn how reindeer fly, the science behind the snow that makes up Frosty, and the vibration patterns of "Jingle Bells," among other fun facts (that won't spoil the magic of the season).

Historical Society Honors Its Legacy Society Members

On Saturday, June 21, the Los Alamos Historical Society honored members of its Legacy Society, those who have donated to the Society through their estate plan. Read more about it in this wonderful article from the Los Alamos Daily Post.

Historical Society Acquires Historic Bathtub Row Home

Thanks to the generous donation of Clay and Dorothy Perkins, collectors of Manhattan Project artifacts, the Los Alamos Historical Society is acquiring the historic home at 1350 Bathtub Row. Originally built in 1931 for the business manager of the Los Alamos Ranch School, the house served as home to two Nobel Prize winners, Edwin McMillan (transuranic chemistry) and Hans Bethe (astrophysics). Because of Bethe's long connection to Los Alamos and leading role in the Manahttan Project and beyond, the Society is calling the house the Hans Bethe House. It is next door to the wartime home of Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, which the Society owns in a life trust.
The Historical Society will use space in the Bethe House to tell stories of the role Los Alamos played in the Cold War. As Clay and Dorothy Perkins were close friends of former Los Alamos Laboratory Director Harold Agnew, the new part of the museum complex will be dedicated to telling the stories of Harold's role in Los Alamos and as a Cold Warrior.