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Online Curriculum for Los Alamos History

Would you like our museum educator to visit your classroom with information and hands-on activities about any of the eras of Los Alamos history? Please e-mail for information.
image Here are a printable coloring page and a word search. These are from Meet Bences Gonzales, a coloring and activity book published by Bathtub Row Press and available in our Museum Shop.
The Los Alamos Historical Society educators’ link is designed to help teachers address the New Mexico State Social Studies standards. Standards from the state Public Education Department can be accessed at these links: Kindergarten-4th grade standards, 5th-8th grade standards, and 9th-12th grade standards.
The online curriculum: Use this website and the study guide as well as questions and answers for The Secret Project Notebook. We highly recommend a visit to the Los Alamos History Museum.
The Los Alamos Historical Society website history section is neatly divided into six parts. The first describes the formation of the Pajarito Plateau and surrounding areas. The next sections describe the habitation of the plateau by early Native Americans, the arrival of homesteaders, the construction of the elite Los Alamos Ranch School, and finally the creation of the “Secret City” and the Manhattan Project.
The following sections and corresponding activities address the New Mexico state standards for social studies and enhance the curricula. They are specifically designed for fourth and ninth grades, but with adjustments they can be applicable to all grade levels. You may purchase The Secret Project Notebook in our online shop.
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