Contact Us
Here are the Los Alamos History staff and volunteers that you may need to contact. We hope you find this list helpful. If you have any questions or needs not found on this page, please contact our main office number or main email address below.

Executive Director — Heather McClenahan:
505.662.6272 or .
Museum Director — Judith Stauber:
505.695.5254 or .
Publications Outreach Manager — Aimee Slaughter:
505.662.2660 or .
Archivist — Rebecca Collinsworth:
505.695.5252 or .
Curator — Don Cavness:
505.695.3454 or .
Registrar — Stephanie Yeamans:
505.695.5253 or .
Museum Shop Manager — Todd Nichols:
505.695.5250 or .
Museum Educator — Aimee Slaughter:
505.695.5251 or .
For information about the Los Alamos Historical Museum Bookshop, call 505.662.4493 or e-mail .
For information on the Los Alamos Historical Archives, including what's available in the collections, prices, and appointment times, call 505.662.6272 or e-mail .
Board of Directors

Shay Burns Kendricks
Mary Pat Kraemer
Michael Redondo
John Ruminer
Carole Steward
Sharon Snyder
Todd Urbatsch

Roger Waterman
Ron Wilkins—Immediate Past President

President—Mike Wheeler
Vice-President—Carole Steward
Secretary—Wendy Hoffman
Treasurer—David Court
Museum Director Emeritus—Hedy Dunn