The site commemorates not only the leader of an achievement that demanded the wisdom of forbearance from mankind but also the personal qualities he exemplified: breadth of intellect, integrity of purpose, humility in a time of glory, grace in the face of adversity, and a profound awareness of the implica-
tions of atomic weapons.

                             —Plaque that will be placed on the Oppenheimer House when it is opened to the public

imageoday, if J. Robert Oppenheimer could walk into the modest cottage on Bathtub Row where he and his family lived during World War II, he would recognize it immediately. This jewel of Manhattan Project properties has been well cared for by subsequent owners, who recognized the importance of the history that took place there.

With guidance from the generous donors who gave the home to the Los Alamos Historical Society, we have begun to plan for its public use. Now it is our duty to ensure that the house does not deteriorate but receives the attention it needs in order to preserve it in perpetuity. The Oppenheimer House will be a place not only to commemorate the leadership, the intellectual legacy, and the scientific integrity of J. Robert Oppenheimer but to bring together the community in new and exciting ways. Guided tours, lectures, salons, and musical events are among the potential programs.

In addition to providing for innovative exhibits and programming, funds for this project will support infrastructure needs of the house that include fire and burglar alarms and accessibility that conforms to the Americans with Disabilities Act. The endowment will provide for ongoing maintenance and staffing to allow for greater public access and learning.

The Oppenheimer House is destined to become a focal point for the Society in fulfilling its mission.


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