Very well done. Good writing, excellent production.

                                                        —Judge from the 2012 New Mexico Book Awards about the winner
                                            in the biography category, At Home on the Slopes of Mountains: The Story
                                        of Peggy Pond Church
, published by the Los Alamos Historical Society, 2011

imageince its first book, When Los Alamos Was a Ranch School, in 1974, the Los Alamos Historical Society has strived to publish meaningful works about the Pajarito Plateau’s history. With more than 35 titles to its name, the Society has become a respected, professional publisher of high-
quality books and winner of frequent awards for outstanding publications. Recently the Society
has changed its publishing imprint to Bathtub Row Press, a name inspired by our Manhattan Project legacy.

The Society’s titles include topics that encompass homesteading on the Pajarito Plateau, the Los Alamos Ranch School, the Manhattan Project years, the Cold War, natural history and ecology, outdoor recreation, and biography, with some books aimed at children and young readers. Los Alamos residents and visitors alike find the stories and information in these books to be both educational and entertaining. College students around the country have used such books as A Guide to Nuclear Arms Control Treaties and Standing By and Making Do: The Women of Wartime Los Alamos to learn about important world issues based on our local history.

Publishing is an integral part of the Society’s mission. Our books put research and stories from our extraordinary history into the hands of readers worldwide. We must not allow limitations on our publishing output to hinder dissemination of that information.

Your involvement in this campaign will ensure continued quality publications from Bathtub Row Press, providing for at least two new books each year in addition to historic monographs and complementary works in other media. It will also make possible the conversion of our most popular titles to e-book formats that will reach a larger audience.


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