The Archives, with its personal and official papers and documents, photographs, maps, and myriad of physical objects, large and small, has international value.

                                            —Art Freed, retired Los Alamos National Laboratory librarian and chairman
                                                                 of the Historical Society’s Archives and Collections Committee

imageor nearly 50 years, the collections of the Los Alamos Historical Museum and the Los Alamos Historical Society Archives have been housed in a warren of attic rooms in Fuller Lodge, an 85-year-old log building that is the heart of the Los Alamos Historic District. Still, Pulitzer Prize-winning authors and Emmy Award-winning filmmakers have come to these confined archives to mine the wealth of information in the collections.

In the spring of 2013, the archives and collections moved to a purpose-built facility that is part of Los Alamos County’s new Municipal Building. While the collections are finally protected like never before, the real work is just beginning. The collections continue to grow, with more than 1,800 linear feet of documents, photographs, and artifacts already in existence. More than 20,000 items have been cataloged. The job ahead is to record the remaining uncataloged items as well as new acquisitions for research purposes and to make them accessible to the public. Failure to do so will prevent maximizing the collection’s potential at a time when attention and traffic are increasing with the interest in the Manhattan Project National Historical Park.

The History Is Here campaign will ensure full staffing for the archives and collections so that these items will be cared for and maintained in accordance with best practices—as well as being preserved for future generations.


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